Maybe, at this present moment you are feeling like your life is just passing by and asking yourself:

“is that it? Won’t anything different happen"?

Well, I have an answer to give you: if you are not part of a very small percentage of people that are lucky, like me, the answer is NO! Nothing different will ever happen while you are doing the same things every single day of your life! Do you want something different? Do something different! THAT IS THE REAL SECRET!


Instead, why don’t you ask yourself some different questions? Such as: What can I do today to produce a different good feeling? What small change can I make now to start changing it (your situation)? How can I create more momentum in this kind of routine? What is the message behind this problem?


They were the questions I had asked myself during one and a half year when I couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours per night fighting with PTSD, depression, endless pains because of the run over, fear of leaving my flat and finding a lost car again and so on! You will read the full story in THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR book!


By then my first decision was: no matter what! People had nothing to do with my currently situation! I knew I would change it! So I always had a smile and a positive feeling to give them!


My second decision was: I refused to take medicines the psychiatric gave me! PLEASE DO NOT DO IT! But I did it! Instead I found a wonderful psychologist!! Positive thoughts alone help nothing! You have to take ACTION! A good psychotherapist will bring your millions of thoughts into files in your brain! You will create new brain connections to understand what is going on! So I have to say clearly here that I will be forever thankful for the time I had the wonderful psychologist and person Mag. Hanna Kirnoha in my life!


And then the Living Fully Concept started, and what is this exactly?


When you understand that you are the only person who is able to make things better for yourself, the idea starts!


The LIVING FULLY CONCEPT is a group of simple actions that you will adopt

to transform your next present moment in a different better one!


Here are simple actions I adopted, along with the psychotherapy, those I can guide you now!


Reading is a magic thing! It can take you to another world (good or bad)! I am not talking about newspapers, gossip magazines, etc. I am talking about something that inspires you, gives you courage and good feelings to live fully!


As I am in the book THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR together with Dr. Joe Vitale and other great authors, this is my first suggestion! On page 169 you will find out how I survived from a horrible time of my life as well as how and why SOUNDS OF LIGHTS was created!  READ THE 1000 WORDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

The Abundance Factor is a collection of stories from experts in the field of business, spirituality, entrepreneurship, finance, medicine, relationships and sex, and much more. They are authors, speakers, teachers and consultants and in The Abundance Factor, they share their knowledge with you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and it'll change your life. It's your personal guide to achieving unlimited abundance in every area of your life.


Join Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and star of the hit movie, The Secret, and learn how to apply the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking in your life to start attracting more income, a new career, better health, or loving relationships.

The Abundance Factor contains more than 40 life changing chapters including:


THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR, page 169 – Liz Pereira

Forgiveness - a Path to Healing

Is Stress Blocking Your Abundance?

Freedom is an Inside Job

The Most Powerful Abundance Magnet in the World

Three Hidden Secrets of The Rich I Discovered on My Journey from Poverty to Living the Life of My Dreams

Angels Among Us

The Sergeant Major Garcia Two-Step

You Were Born to Be Your Own Boss

Kill Your Ego to Save Your Life

Derailed: The System to Get Your Life Back on Track

Your Spiritual Kitchen

Why the Secret Didn't Work for Me

Awaken to Your Mojo

However you define Abundance, The Abundance Factor offers heartwarming stories, explains new process, and

shares simple steps that you can start taking today to achieve the life that you've been dreaming of.

e-Book version: 11,98 EUR (incl. VAT 20%) - GET IF FOR FREE BY ORDERING THE FULL PACKAGE OF SOUNDS OF LIGHTS CD!!!!      Material book: 23,98 EUR (incl. VAT. 20%) + POST (available for Austria and Europe)


When you don’t feel really well, to watch TV News, listen to the Radio News, read newspapers or bad news on the internet will only increase your sadness, anxiety, fear, insecurity, and pains!

Replace this moment for GOOD MUSIC in 432Hz!

I am a professional musician and another great thing I did during this complicated time, was to research about the power of music in our bodies! I ended up finding out that certain kind of songs, composed in 432Hz frequency for example, brings your body to the same level of vibration of the universe. It means, you will come to a healing vibration state. Even better if combined with binaural beats and theta frequencies those bring both parts of your brain to a balance! It is a long subject that I may write a book about one day!


By combining all these information and the 7 main colorful lights from the universe those helped me not to die for twice already, the right keys and instruments, I decided to compose beautiful songs that will help you to feel amazing and in the booklet you will find a very simple way to relax your mind using the songs.


Every song was composed and the CD recorded thinking only of you!


Many people tell me: Liz, I will start meditating when I have an hour per day free! Or I have to pray more! Whatever you call it, the result will be incredible and you do not need hours of your day for it!

5 to 10 minutes is already good to start and you will feel great!

In the booklet of the CD SOUNDS OF LIGHTS I share with you a very simple way that will bring you to this peaceful state by using the songs and the colorful lights of the universe (I explain more about it in the booklet and in THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR book) in my 28-DAY EASY MIND RELAXATION PROGRAM! You will also find inspiring sentences for reflection during your “10 minutes of silent time” as well as nice photos!


My suggestion is: do it for 28 days and write me saying how you will be feeling:


I can affirm, by experience: as a normal person like you, when I started relaxing my overloaded creative mind, paying a closer attention to what was going on inside me and imagining myself as part of the “whole thing”, most of the answers I was looking for started to come to the surface! In 6 years I felt and still feel like another person! It happened in the right time! It is still happening and will happen forever as I still have lots to transform!

Every moment is a different one!




When was the last time you really “offlined”? Took a break in peace for some days?

Since many years I decided to do it at least once a year: I go somewhere as close as possible to the nature! I leave computer, mobile phone, everything that connects me to my daily life home! In my bag I pack my flute, a notebook to write, crayons, draw papers, and this old kind of MP4 with some 432Hz songs in it! That is all! There my routine is: I spend most of the time walking, meditating and reflecting in the woods, writing, drawing and creating!

The result of it is simply astonishing!

Inspired by this trip I have a great offer that is the “Living Fully Magic Trip: 7 days in a beautiful small city near Vienna / Austria where we develop each day relaxing activities to balance your body, mind and soul! We walk, write, have time for silence, and bring out your creativity! After these 7 days you will feel totally renewed, your stress level reduced, the bad feelings and thoughts in the background will cool down, you will be more focused, clear, concentrated and you will go back home fully empowered and energized for the next steps of your life!


Those are the first 4 principles of LIVING FULLY CONCEPT! There are others: feed your passion, be creative, the power of hand-writing, offline yourself at least one day per week, and more!


All these principles I used and use till now!


The full concept I present in my


By finding a way to handle your surrounding in a different way, you will improve your health, brain capacity, relationships, body and soul, that will automatically reflect in your financial life!



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